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Zagros Nasb Sepahan established in 2001 with the motto of productivity, innovation & refinement of culture.
The main activities of the company are engineering, construction & commissioning of oil & gas storage depots including: piping, structure, storage tanks (pressure Vessels: spherical & double wall)
Zagros Nasb Sepahan accomplished 22 projects in industrial areas, and has the honor of receiving letter of consent from the Project’s Owner.
Having 40 senior experts, engineers & technicians enables us to execute projects up to 700,000,000,000 Rials.
The company established special sector for offshore platform by creating a consortium & concluding contract for implementation of EPC projects. The consortium includes: Zagros Nasb Sepahan involved in construction, installation & commissioning, Tissot of France involved in engineering and supplying material.
At the moment the company is responsible for performing the construction of Ethan and Propane tanks of Kangan Petrochemical & also EPC of double wall storage tanks of Gachsaran Petrochemical and also in Ilam petrochemical for supplying, cooking and charging of perlite tank and cold box. It is hoped that the company have an effective role in performing industrial projects of private sector.

Management Message

Zagros Nasb Sepahan Personnels:
In view of the:
a) The fundamental goal of the Company, being the development for a better life;
b) Fundamental values, summarized in productivity, innovation, and refinement of culture;
the personnel of the Company are being fully informed that with the maximum productivity of the existing resources of the Company and its development, a step is taken towards the promotion of the quality of life of the colleagues and the people, and accepting personal obligations - in this regard, hereby undertake to have the best ethical and professional behavior and agree that:
1. In designing and implementation of the development plans of the Company in view of the safety, security, health and public Welfare considerations, we are ready to accept the due responsibilities and avoid factors, which may endanger the society or the environment.
2. We consider it our responsibility that, in our interchanges, think of our religious and national norms and ethical rules as a principle and in spite of the existing differences, have a behavior of equanimity. Justice and respect towards others.
3. To follow the three principles of quality management systems, namely the continuous improvement, participation of employees and satisfaction of the customers and make due efforts in this regard.
4. To be honest and realistic in the expression of claims and or different estimations and to be faithful in performing our duties.
5. To be dynamic and accept the honest criticism in regard to our performance, accept our errors and remove them and have a realistic value for others' roles.
6. To improve our ability and professional qualifications with continuous efforts and with the full information of the necessary knowledge and relying on our experiences, accept the responsibilities delegable to us.
7. In carrying out the responsibilities and duties delegated to us, follow the rules of secrecy and trustworthiness.
8. Carefully avoid whatever, which may result in the administrative corruption and violations.
9. Avoid taking any measures, which may mar the image of others, or result in the infliction of losses to their properties and assets or goodwill.
10. To consider the security of installations, personnel and assets of the Company and economic behavior as our main duty and avoid extravagant behaviors.
11. Relying on the principle of customer-friendliness and in the way of being satisfactorily responsible towards the customers, be a patient listener and an encouraging and sympathetic guide.
12. To help our colleagues and facilitators in the execution of this ethical charter. and support them in following its provisions. Signed and sealed by the Managing Director of the Company.
Mohammadali Motallehi Jollieglicini
Managing Director



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